As we mentioned at the outset, we buy all types of traffic

i.e. 404, search engine, and so on... Needless to say some

traffic is worth more than others due to its marketability

and overall payout potential.


For example, traffic that targets keywords like "mortgage"

and "life insurance" would have a much higher payout and

be more cost effective than let's say "freebies" or "Britney

Spears pics". Although both types bring traffic, the latter is

less useful and brings less of an overall income. Pages or

web sites  containing topics like "bad credit debt

consolidation" would generate more traffic and be worth

more than pages or websites containing "affordable

window shades in Idaho".


All types of traffic will be considered and most types are open

to negotiation.


To get started, fill out our short "Sell Traffic" form and you

will be contacted within 1 business day.